Masters in Cereal Technology

Codrico Rotterdam makes ingredients from all sorts of cereals for food- and specialty animal nutrition industries worldwide. We are proud to be a reliable and innovative partner in top-quality milled maize products and pregelatinized cereal ingredients.
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  • Small-sized Corn Flaking Grits

    Special granulations of high quality corn flaking grits.

  • Corn Flaking Grits

    Available in selected varieties and various granulations for the production of superb t...

  • Maizegritz 101

    Coarse grits made from high quality selected corn origins for extruded savoury snacks

  • Masa Yellow Corn

    Masa flours from selected high quality non-GMO corn varieties for the smooth production...

  • Maizegrits 108

    Fine grits made from high quality selected corn origins for direct extruded snacks and ...

  • Maizeflour/Polenta

    Top quality non-GMO maize flour used in a range of applications in the food industry.

  • Suprex Whole Corn

    Contains higher levels of fibers and fat, excellent for the production of wholegrain an...

  • Suprex Corn Coarse

    Precooked special corn granulate used in the bakery, meat and beverages industry

  • Suprex Corn

    Universal functional ingredient for a wide range of food applications like snacks, conv...

  • Golden Corn Granules

    The alternative and cost effective replacement for potato granules in snack foods and o...

  • Instant Snack Mix

    The ideal ready-to-use mix ingredient to produce corn cone snacks.

  • Fresh Hummus Powder

    An instant product that enables you to prepare your own hummus. It can also be used in ...

  • Falaffel Flakes

    The best instant raw material for the production of oriental vegetable protein applicat...

  • Suprex Chickpea

    A special developed product for hummus chips by means of snack pellets or baked snacks....

  • Suprex Lentil

    A perfect ingredient with new texture and flavour for the application within a wide ran...

  • Suprex Yellow Pea

    Rich vegetable protein source for healthier snacks. Also used in dips and dry soup appl...

  • Suprex Pea 5K

    A clean labelled meat extender with excellent textural properties

  • Suprex Faba

    A savoury tasting ingredient, rich in protein, for healthier snack pellets, direct extr...

  • Suprex Rice

    Superb neutral tasting binder for convenience foods and snack applications.

  • Suprex Wheat

    Excellent binding capacities and a rheology, providing desired textures in snack food a...