Masters in Cereal Technology

Corn Flaking Grits

Good cornflakes require the best maize, meaning there is no place for genetically modified (GMO) maize at Codrico. Codrico’s main source is Argentinian Plata maize, the best maize in the world for cornflakes production. In addition, we also use top quality European maize.

State-of-the art technology

We know that it takes more than just good ingredients to make the perfect cereal. That’s why Codrico uses state-of-the-art technology when producing maize grits and maize flours like polenta. Our factory mills the finest, specially selected, hard flint maize. Our specially designed system for Identity Preservation (IP) ensures the full traceability of our raw materials. The result of our focus on sourcing and quality management? That we deliver top quality ingredients for extruded breakfast cereals and cereal bars.

Reasons to use Codrico’s Flaking Grits

  • Superior quality uniform hard/flint flaking grits
  • Excellent cooking properties
  • Orange-yellow product colour
  • Excellent cornflake crunchiness and bowl life
  • Customized grit size (baby-grits to large-size grits)
  • Non-GMO
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