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Fresh Hummus Powder

Nutritious, with lots of flavour, fresh hummus is fast becoming a favourite dish that’s a daily choice of consumers worldwide. Codrico developed a unique product which enables consumers and manufacturers to make fresh hummus instantly, whenever they want.

Easy to prepare

Preparing fresh hummus takes time and effort, as the chickpeas have to be soaked for a long time, then boiled and ground. Consumers alternatively resort to buying sterilized canned chickpeas, but still have to grind the chickpeas finely in order to make hummus. Codrico’s Fresh Hummus Powder, with its easy preparation process, enables consumers and manufacturers to make fresh hummus within a couple of minutes. Various consumer tests reveal that Fresh Hummus Powder has the same taste and mouthfeel as traditional hummus. As it’s easy to prepare quickly, Fresh Hummus Powder is convenient for hotels, restaurants and food services. Using Fresh Hummus powder saves time, costs and energy.

Reasons to use Codrico’s Fresh Hummus Powder

  • An excellent, mild hummus flavour;
  • Flavour, texture and packaging of Fresh Hummus Powder can be adapted to fit the demands of your local market;
  • Customers can add different ingredients, like tahini, in order to create their own preferred local flavour and texture;
  • Tested by different European and Middle Eastern industrial customers, as well as marketing companies;
  • Extraordinary functional water and oil binding properties that provide a perfectly similar texture and mouthfeel as fresh hummus;
  • Fresh Hummus Powder is suitable for large-scale hummus producers as well as consumers.
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