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Golden Corn Granules

Codrico has recently developed Golden Corn Granules. Our Golden Corn Granules are a costefficient and tasty alternative to potato granules. Potato granules are pre-cooked and made from dehydrated potato solids, and are used in potato mashes (purée) and potato products (frozen snack foods).

In pelleted snacks, the potato granules are used mainly for their ability to aid in the smooth processing (water uptake and low viscosity development), controlled expansion, shape retention and also crunchiness of the expanded fried pellets. Given the high prices and the limited availability of potato granules, our Golden Corn Granules are derived from maize ingredients and have comparable technical and functional properties to potato granules.

A perfect alternative

In terms of viscosity, dough behaviour, water absorption rate/capability and texture, our Golden Corn Granules are comparable to potato granules. Potato granules can be substituted directly with our Golden Corn Granules on a 1 to 1 basis, without changing water processing levels. Whether you choose to substitute potato granules fully or only partially depends on the customer, application and preference; the process parameters on the extrusion and drying lines can be left almost unchanged. Codrico’s development team would be happy to work with you to achieve the desired taste

Reasons to use Codrico’s Golden Corn Granules

  • Functionality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Low reducing sugars, no acrylamide, therefore healthier and less discolouring when fried
  • Clean labelling (not chemically modified product)
  • Non-GMO / Gluten-free
  • Free from additional colourants (natural yellow colour)
  • No preservatives
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