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Instant Snack Mix

Codrico has developed Instant Snackmix, a complete ready base for the production of snack foods like the well-known corn-cones, Bugles. Codrico’s Instant Snackmix is a special blend of selected pre-cooked corn flours and ingredients, giving the savoury snack a sweet taste. As Instant Snackmix can be applied as a complete mix for savoury snacks, further ingredients are simply not necessary!

Smooth texture and a natural taste

Instant Snackmix is naturally produced by heatinga corn based blend by means of a special heat treatment process. Instant Snackmix has excellent functional properties, making it suitable for use in savoury snacks such as snack pellets and fabricated sheeted snacks. The excellent re-hydrating properties of Instant Snackmix guarantee the smooth texture of the final snack.Our identity preservation system monitors the entire supply chain, making sure that our product is entirely non-GMO. Our food technologists are always available to assist you in adapting the taste to your wishes.

Reasons to use Codrico’s Instant Snackmix

  • Natural sweetness and a satisfying taste, no additional ingredients necessary (ready to go)
  • Non-GMO
  • A global favourite (Bugles)
  • Smooth texture,
  • Good processing properties, lump formation
  • Support from Codrico’s food technologists
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