Masters in Cereal Technology

Masa Yellow Corn

With more than 20 years’ experience in producing maize and masa flours, Codrico has created a new range of masa flours derived from yellow corn.Masa flour is often used in the production of various ethnic foods of North, Central and South American cuisine such as Tortillas, Totopos or Nachos (tortilla chips), Tostadas (tacos shells), Arepas, Empanadas and Tamales.

Codrico’s new range of masa flours

We use an innovative and specialised manufacturing process to ensure that our masa flours are created from selected high quality maize types. Our research and development team can work in partnership with you to customise and engineer specific masa flours for each masa product that you make. This exciting new product is the culmination of Codrico’s ability to procure a variety of high quality maize types combined with our ability to employ numerous different thermal processes. This innovative new range boasts increased stabilising properties and will expand our customers’ horizons. Our experienced application team can assist in customising and engineering specific masa flours to cater for our customers’ needs in processing tortilla chips.

Reasons to use Codrico’s Masa flour

  • Top ratings for food safety standards (IFS/BRC, ISO/GMP/Halal);
  • Consistent, as only high quality maize is used (IP/Non-GMO);
  • A stable rheology (viscosity and consistency);
  • Excellent water absorption properties;
  • No additional processing agents or preservatives (other than traces of lime);
  • An authentic corn flavour in the end product.
  • No off-flavour, due to high shelf stability

Why wait any longer?

Our proximity to the Port of Rotterdam means we can deliver the masa flours you need in no time at all.
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