Masters in Cereal Technology
On trend with health conscious consumers

Ingredients for healthier snacks

"US and European consumers are becoming more health conscious when it comes to choosing snacks. As consumers look for healthier alternatives to potato based products, snack producers are seeking to cater for this demand. Chickpeas and Lentils provide an excellent, tasty, healthy basis for snacks. In order to consolidate the US and European markets, Codrico successfully promoted raw materials produced from pulses in both markets. Working closely together with a well-known snack pellet producer, Codrico launched different snack products based on Suprex Chickpeas with great success".

At the most recent US Snack Expo, different products derived from pulses were showcased and we are happy to report that Codrico's Suprex Lentils and Suprex Chickpea products are continuing to grow in the US and European markets. Codrico's extrusion know how assures perfect performance in manufacturing snack products. Where a customer has specific manufacturing requirements, Codrico can provide bespoke products.

Publication date: 2 October 2012