Masters in Cereal Technology
And we provide gluten-free products too.

Codrico believes in non-GMO, minimising toxins and excelling in quality

The demand for gluten-free products has grown dramatically over the last few years. Codrico meets this growing demand by production lines for the production of gluten-free products throughout the total supply chain. In addition, Codrico maintains the highest possible quality level for its products. We use non-GMO crops, and actively minimise the development of mycotoxins during growth, harvest and storage of our products. Non-GMO IdentityCodrico’s Identity Preservation (IP) system, developed in 1998 to manage the non-GMO identity of our products when GMO crops were introduced, is still proving effective. Non-GMO identity will continue to be a fundamental characteristic of all our products. Our years of experience with IP-systems has enabled us to rapidly implement measures to improve the sustainability of the whole supply chain.


To minimise the development of mycotoxins during growth, harvest and storage, Codrico agrees specific agricultural practices with our dedicated maize suppliers. Since 2010 we have installed the newest, most advanced optical sorting equipment in our production process, which takes out selectively damaged kernels of any kind at the start of the cleaning and milling process. This reduces the presence of possible contaminants like mycotoxins to acceptable levels. The combination of these measures allows us to meet stringent mycotoxin requirements for all of our products.

BRC / IFS / ISO 9001 / Kosher / Halal / GMP+ International

Implementing the requirements of the BRC Global Food Standard and IFS International Food Standard into our Quality Management System since 2006 has helped us maintaining the highest possible quality level. In 2012 we demonstrated our continuing progress in quality control, by achieving the highest level of certification for the latest updated versions of both standards: BRC Global Food Standard issue 6 and IFS International Food Standard version 6.We have again received our ISO 9001 certification, which has been the basis of our Quality Management System since 1996. Our products also meet religion specific requirements, confirmed by our Kosher and Halal certifications.

Publication date: 17 December 2012