Masters in Cereal Technology
A perfect substitute for potato granules

Golden Corn Granules

Codrico has recently developed Golden Corn Granules, a product with the same characteristics as potato granules, which we base on certain extracts of maize. The high prices and limited availability of potato dry solids like potato granules has given rise to the development of products that are based on other raw materials, but with similar technical and functional properties to potato granules.


Potato granules and potato flakes are dehydrated potato solids made mainly from potatoes. These products have specific functional properties in terms of consistency, texture, feel, water hydration and potato taste. Their properties make them attractive ingredients for a variety of products, mainly potato mash (puree), potato products (i.e. frozen snack foods like dumplings, croquettes or special shaped potato specialities), and as a base for soups or sauces. Furthermore, potato granules and flakes are used as ingredients in dry cocktail snacks (direct expanded snacks, snack pellets, stackable chips, etc.). The first application we focussed on in developing Golden Corn Granules was pelleted snacks. In pelleted snacks, the potato granules are mainly used for their ability to aid in the processing, controlled expansion and crunchiness of the fried expanded pellets. We developed a product that has similar properties as potato granules, in terms of viscosity, dough reaction, water absorption rate/capability and texture. Even the moisture level of the product is the same as in standard potato granules, which means that potato granules can be substituted directly with our Golden Corn Granules without changing processing water levels. Next, we successfully replaced potato granules with Golden Corn Granules in various trials with a number of our snack food customers, with similar results in the final fried snacks. The levels of potato granules and flakes in formulations for potato-based pellets can range between 20-50% depending on the products. Our products can replace the potato ingredients fully, while retaining the required properties. In the initial trials we performed with the production of snack pellets, we found that the production parameters in the production lines can remain the same and need only slight adaptations. It is good to know that when the taste of the final product needs a more pronounced potato character, there are development options to cater for this. Depending on our customer, application and preference, it is possible to choose either a full potato granules substitution or a partial replacement. In terms of handling, processing and final product properties, the results are excellent whichever option you choose. And most relevant the price of Golden Corn Granules is attractive for a cost point of view.

Publication date: 17 December 2012