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Cookie legislation

Thank you for your visit. Through this web page, we inform you about the use of cookies on this website under the legislation in force since June 2012.

A cookie is a file placed on your computer by a web site for the following purposes:

  • Functional: to facilitate the use of the website, for example, to recognise repeat visitors, to accelerate the log-in process and the completion of forms.
  • Analytical: to gather visitor statistics for further improvement and renewal of the website.
  • Commercial: to track the click behaviour of individual visitors and to perform commercial actions based on this, such as the provision of specific information in response to specific click behaviour.
There are many types of cookies, but the new legislation makes a distinction between functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are not bound by the regulations. Non-functional cookies are, including the analytical and commercial. The latter include cookies placed by, for example, Google Analytics and many social sharing buttons of social media networks.

Which cookies are used on this site, and for what purpose?

This website uses some functional cookies, namely:

  • ASPXANONYMOUS: this gives each visitor a unique number. It does not contain personal data of visitors, but recognises repeat visits.
  • ASP.NET_SessionId this is a cookie placed for functional aspects of the website during a visit. This cookie is deleted after closing the web browser.

This website also uses some cookies for analytical purposes, namely:

  • _utma: this cookie tracks how often the visitor visits the site, including the first and most recent visit.
  • _utmb and _utmc: the B and C work together to determine the length of the visit..
  • _utmz: this cookie keeps track of the origin of the visitor, for example, a search engine or a reference site, but also of any keywords and the region.

Finally, this website provides buttons to share information from this website on your social media networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). These social networking sites also place cookies for functional, analytical and commercial purposes. These are, among others, cookies by

  • (maps)

How can you refuse or delete cookies?

You can set your browser to refuse cookies, or to remove all placed cookies. There are several types of Internet browsers (e.g.. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and the method of setting varies. Refer to the help function of your web browser to adjust your cookie settings if desired. Please note that adjusting your settings affects all sites you visit.

Do you have any questions?

Refer to the disclaimer on this website.