Masters in Cereal Technology

Suprex®-an Pea

Suprex®-an Pea is a Codrico ingredient which is pregelatinized through a special extrusion process. This guarantees that more than 95% of the starch will be precooked and also provides highly digestible starches and proteins.
Suprex®-an Pea has a protein content varying from 20% up to 25%. Codrico has developed this extrusion process in which, next to the nutritional properties of Pea, the Suprex®-an pea gets more useful functionalities.
  • Cold water solubility and binding power 
  • Micro-organisms are destroyed and enzymes inactivated resulting in microbiologically safe products
  • Suprex®-an Pea has excellent free flowing properties
  • Excellent suspensibility due to our micro grinding process (<160) 
Please contact our specialists if you would like more specific information about  Suprex®-an Pea