Masters in Cereal Technology

We only source the best, premium, uniform hard maize varieties. Our sourcing partners are mainly located in Argentina (Plate maize) and in Europe.

In Argentina we have contracted dedicated services and staff to sustain our relations with several local parties in the supply chain and to implement improvements. This way of working guarantees the Identity Preservation (IP) of the maize in the whole supply chain from seed to shipping of the maize. All raw-material is checked at every stage by a Third Party auditor in order to be sure that the material complies with all rules and regulations for NON GMO Food. We focus on growing quality NON-GMO specialty maize crops with retained flint characteristics meeting our customers' requirements. Yield is less important.
Codrico believes in the compelling logic of striving for long-term partnerships. This is based on the fact that we have to contract acreage one year in advance to guarantee stability of supply and also on our involvement with and aid to our sourcing partners. It is in the interest of all partners to maintain the quality standards and yield of harvest. Codrico also supports many sustainability programs at the farms of our partners and shares our knowledge with them to achieve the highest quality of raw materials year after year.
We emphasize on maximizing the use of natural resources, e.g. sun drying maize, natural irrigation and drainage and minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

In Europe we work in the same way with several parties in several countries.

This means we only use guaranteed naturally grown high-quality raw materials for our ingredients.