Masters in Cereal Technology

Quality is of the utmost importance

Codrico is part of  our customers' extended supply chain. Therefore, we fully understand the safety hazards of all the products we use and distribute. Because we strive to be an industry leader when it comes to delivering consistent product quality,  the core of all our processes and procedures is quality and control.

Codrico has a Quality Management System in place to maintain our high quality standards. Our in-house laboratory also closely monitors the quality of inbound raw maize, work in progress and our final products.

Our Quality Management System complies with or outperforms the following standards:


With certificates for these standards, Codrico guarantees the safety, quality and operational criteria required for food and/or specialty animal nutrition customers. This helps to establish a high level of transparency throughout the supply chain.
We are continuously improving our quality management system and we are flexible in meeting the needs of a changing world.
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