Masters in Cereal Technology

Because Sustainability is at the core of our supply chain management!

For Codrico, recent environmental, social and health concerns, such as increased costs in materials and energy, global warming, human rights and risks posed by chemical substances, have illustrated the need for effective sustainability practices. Therefore, Codrico regards sustainable manufacturing not as a just “nice-to-have”, but as a business imperative.

For Codrico, sustainable development will continue to be a main trend for the coming years. In order to cope with this trend, Codrico is embedding the Triple P concept (People, Planet and Profit) into its organization and activities, and we have set a number of ambitious sustainability objectives.

By working according ISO 14000 and ISO 26000, Codrico strives to further improve operations in both the facility and in the supply chain. To bring this about, we work together with our suppliers and customers.

For instance: 

by indicating and reducing the carbon footprint of our product.

by Seed Breeding 

  • Non-GMO specialty maize crops with flint characteristics, focusing not just on yield, but also on quality
  • Selective use of maize seeds to preserve long-term, hard flint qualities (biodiversity) 

by Agriculture

  • Maximum use of natural resources, i.e. irrigation & drainage, sun drying
  • Minimum use of fertilizers, pesticides and erosion prevention (e.g. no post-harvest ploughing)
  • Farmer education on and financial compensation (premium) for special flint maize crops

by Storage & shipping

  • Efficient collection and transportation from farms via dedicated inland and port silos
  • Efficient large volume (>10,000 ton) bulk shipping in Panamax-size ships

by Processing

  • Economic valuation of all process streams to added-value products in food & feed
  • Due to Rotterdam city centre plant location; strict regulations regarding all emissions 

by Outbound Logistics

  • Striving to deliver in largest bulk volumes that fit our customers needs
  • Optimization of logistics movements (full truck loads in- & outbound)
  • Environmentally friendly and reusable packaging material

by Application by customers

  • Natural products, no additives, clean labelling
  • Non-GMO status of all our maize

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