Masters in Cereal Technology

Ingredients for snack pellets

Pelleted snacks are convenient products for snack manufacturers and are available in many shapes, colors and tastes. They are based on a wide range of raw materials such as potato and cereals. The snack pellets are either fried in hot oil or by hot air expansion.

The price of potato flours, the basic ingredient for pelleted snacks, is high and the quality is fluctuating and unpredictable. Expensive modified starches used for binding in snack pellets are replaced by the binding functionality of Suprex®. Tests carried out by Codrico showed that partial replacement of potato with Suprex® Wheat and Suprex® Corn is possible, resulting in cost effectiveness while still providing a well accepted product. Suprex® has thus become an acceptable, competitively priced, top quality ingredient for pelleted snacks.


  • Excellent binding and water distribution in the process
  • Replacing potato dry solids (flakes/granules)
  • 50% can be replaced 
  • Replacing (modified) potato starch
  • Modified starches 100% replaced and part of native starch
  • Degree of gelatinization
  • Expansion rate can be controlled
  • Clean labelling
  • Cost effective


  • Good functionality in non-fried snack pellets
  • Oven-puffed, hot air expanded, Microwave-snacks
  • Puffed cereal/potato/cassava-cakes based on pellets
  • Strongly expanding recipes with Suprex® for e.g., corn-cakes
  • Instant Suprex® flours for pellet-former extruders e.g. instant snack mix, multigrain flours
  • Flexibility in development of difficult to process raw materials
  • Formulations with pulses, e.g. lentils, chickpea and e.g. oriental crackers

Advised products: Suprex® Corn & Wheat and Suprex® Pulses 

Dosage: up to 40% in sheeted snack pellets with proper recipe, equipment and process development in cooperation with Codrico R&D.

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