Masters in Cereal Technology

Suprex® for direct expanded snacks

Typical snacks include corn curls, corn balls, multi-grain crisps, maize sticks, wheat/oat pillows, potato maize chip sticks, maize shapes, and coated balls.

Our extruder cooks the ingredients using a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition. Flavours and colours can be added directly into the barrel.Savoury snacks are usually coated with oil and seasoning. Sweet snacks are sugar coated and subsequently dried.

Benefits are:
  • Natural binding with good visual appearance
  • Influencing expansion properties
  • Replacing emulsifiers or oil
  • Improvement of texture (melts in the mouth/ softer or crunchier)

Advised products: Suprex® Corn  / Suprex®  Pulses

Dosage: approximately 5 to 10%
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