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Texturized protein ingredients: Codrico’s Suprex® MR portfolio

Codrico aims to become one of the main European producers of texturized ingredients based on both cereals as pulses. When it comes to meat alternative or other plant-based protein solutions, the experts at Codrico have the proprietary consumer insights, proven technical know-how and broad portfolio of ingredients to get the job done right.We produce Textured Protein on the basis of chickpea, green peas, Soy bean, Faba beans and wheat gluten branded within our Suprex® MR -portfolio.

30 years of proteins expertise

There’s a complicated science behind high value protein ingredients. It is more than simply adding proteins or flavors. Our R&D experts know the mechanics of functionality and texture, the ingredients synergies and how to bring it all together to get producers of plant based protein to market quickly and successfully. Development takes place at our applications lab and dedicated production line or at the customer facilities.

“We find that a growing number of people are interested in eating less meat, but aren’t exactly excited by the quality of meatless products,” says Erwin Kuiper, Codrico’s R&D Lead. “With our Suprex® MR -portfolio, we’re committed to making sure our ingredients offer the plant based food industry the best texture for excellent meat alternatives”.

Our markets

Eating less meat means a significant reduction on our ecological footprint. The greatest concentration of meat substitutes has occurred in the United States over the last 5 years. However, the European market is closely following and covers an estimated 35% of the total global market for meat substitutes in 2020. Codrico supplies this fast growing region in plant based food with the main ingredients for substitutes on any kind of animal based food proteins.

Codrico is determined to contribute to help consumer change from animal based protein diet to delicious plant-based protein diets.

Currently, Codrico is involved in a project subsidized by Food Valley in where multiple processing methodologies based on high protein concentrates are tested. This project is executed in cooperation with 3rd party expertise on regional crop sourcing, processing, application and meat finishing. Check this link for more information.

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